Following acceptance into the Operations Academy™ Senior Management Program, participants are required to complete a series of online activities to demonstrate their familiarity with terminology and principles in a wide range of key technical and management subjects. We expect most participants will need to review pre-study materials in some, but not all of the subject areas covered. The amount of time participants spend on the pre-study averages about 20 hours. Pre-study material is provided to participants 2-3 months prior to the beginning of the two-week total immersion program.

Regional Operations Forums (ROFs) were initially developed as part of the SHRP2 L36 project—Regional Operations Forums for Advancing Systems Operations, Management, and Reliability—and designed as five-day training sessions with approximately 15 hours of pre-study. To date, ROFs have been offered to every state and have been successful for training and peer exchange.  To be a sustainable training mechanism, we are currently offering a modified version of the original ROF concept to see if we can reduce costs and the amount of time away from the office for participants.  This version of the ROF that you are participating in has four phases that include 2.5 days of in-person training plus online course materials and webinars prior to and following the in-person training.